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Martyn Turner (Team Leader)

My name is Martyn Turner, and I am a team leader for CMG. My work history consists of two main area, military and care. I spent 30 years with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force of Oman in the Middle East. So as you can imagine I spent an awful lot of time away from home. My wife Carol had the task of being mom and surrogate dad to our children Dayle and Samantha. Dayle was diagnosed as “educational sub normal” in 1974. A horrible title – now we know it as Learning Disabilities.

So at the end of 2000 I retired from the world of aviation, came home and decided that although I was Dayle’s dad, I wanted to know what made him ‘tick’ and what could I do to make his life as independent and enjoyable as I could. So at 56 I made the leap into care. Best decision (after the RAF, and marrying Carol) I have ever made. I have been given training that is second to none and has helped me through 15 years of the most challenging but rewarding of times. At the end of a shift that has seen my service users smile, hold out a hand for reassurance, thanks and comfort I can go home knowing that I have made a difference to a person’s day.

I am now over 70, thankfully legislation allows me to keep on doing the job I love. Sadly we lost our son some years ago but that has strengthened my resolve to carry on doing the best I can for all the people I support.

Martyn Turner at New Dawn, Norfolk