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Mental Health Needs

Care Management Group (CMG) support people with a wide range of mental health needs including personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, dementia and schizophrenia. Many who choose CMG to support them have endured a number of hospital admissions and may exhibit physically and/or verbally aggressive and/or self injurious behaviour.

We enable people with mental health needs to fulfil their potential on a long term basis. Person centred planning enables us to undertake detailed care and relapse prevention planning whilst measuring progress by working towards a set of realistic outcomes. These outcomes are identified by the people we support, which is a fundamental part of the recovery process.

Once Care Management Group (CMG) has been chosen to provide support, individuals are involved in many aspects of planning their services which include training and recruiting staff. Our staff use pro-active risk management to support initiatives for service users to become active members of their communities, including employment and education. In our experience, this not only helps to increase social and emotional well being but also decreases the stigma that can be attached to people with mental health needs.