Visiting services, disappointing CQC outcome and judging awards for the people we support

25 March 2015

I had a busy week last week and only managed to visit 6 services. This included two of the 15 services in Abergavenny that have recently joined CMG. I would very much like to welcome the people we support, their staff and families to the CMG family. I would also like to welcome the people we support, staff and families of the Glyn group in the New Forest who also joined us recently.

On my visits to services last week, I was particularly impressed when visiting our Willesden Lane support living service in Brent to see information about the sensory stories which staff have been using with the people we support. These can be really effective in providing interesting and stimulating activities for people with the most profound level of disability. I met some relatively new staff in the service and was very impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment.

We received one of the new style CQC reports last week. The service concerned was rated overall as good but was found to require improvement on one area, effectively, mainly because there was evidence that the people being supported didn’t always have a healthy and balanced diet. This is a concern which we are addressing straight away and we will also be sharing lessons to be learnt with other services across CMG. It was a frustrating finding given how much emphasis we place on supporting people to eat healthily. We cover healthy eating in our training and also developed an accessible “healthy lifestyles pack” which we distributed to all CMG services. So far, we have received 10 of the new style inspection reports, 9 services are rated as good and one is outstanding. I am keen to increase the number of outstanding rated services which CMG has, but I don’t underestimate the challenge. At our family conference on the 14th March, Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector with CQC, told us that out of around 1,500 services inspected so far across England, only 18 have been rated outstanding.

I continued to receive some very positive emails from family members last week saying how much they enjoyed our family conference. We will definitely make it a regular occurrence.

Carl Johnson - 1st Place (joint) Most Inspirational Service User 2014We had the judging for our Service User Awards take place this week. We had over 100 entries in 12 categories and some incredibly inspiring stories, so there were some really hard choices to make.   Thanks to our Service User MP’s who helped the panel with their decision making. All winners will be notified shortly and invited, with family members, to our Awards Ceremony which will be taking place on 15th May 2015.

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