Turning a house into a lovely home in Ashtead!

26 August 2016

I want to dedicate this week’s blog to a service we have in Ashtead, Surrey called Shardeloes and a fantastic party they organised this week.

We were lucky enough to employ a new manager in this service in October last year, Marta Woodward, and she has done an incredible job in turning the service from a house into a lovely home. Marta and her team have not only dedicated a lot of hours to improving the quality of life for the people living there by implementing a person centred approach to all aspects of support, but her team also took it upon themselves to decorate the inside of the property, often in their own time. Individuals’ bedrooms have been decorated in a personalised manner, such as one gentleman having a royal themed bedroom and another a music theme. Not only that but they have also done a great job of making the garden a much nicer space too.

In order to celebrate their achievements and show everybody the amazing changes, they organised a summer party last week. Neighbours, family members and external professionals were all invited to attend and the nine people they support at Shardeloes all helped in the preparation for the party, each playing an important role in the organisation.

Activities included face painting, a lucky dip, sweet shop, drumming session and an animal farm. As the property has no side access, the pig, goat, donkey and other animals had to come through the front door! The party was such a success, helped by a gorgeous sunny day, that it went on from 2pm until gone 7pm. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was clear that the people we support and all the guests had a lovely time.

Here are just some of the compliments they received from the day:

Absolutely fantastic day, staff and service users were so welcoming. A lot of time and effort was put into the day. Thank you Shardeloes for an amazing time” – Staff member from Seeability

Had a lovely day. Lots of entertainment and very nice people. Staff are amazing. House is a wonderful place” – Neighbour

What a great afternoon everyone enjoyed themselves in the drumming session. The staff are welcoming and it was great to see everyone having such a good time” – Family member

Brilliant afternoon. The drummer was great and all the clients seemed to enjoy themselves and really interacted in the session. It is lovely and friendly here” – Neighbour

I’d also like to share Shardeloes recipe for happiness which they have certainly achieved:

1 bag of smiles
2 cups of sharing
2lbs of positivity
½ cup of good humour
1 cup of self esteem
2 spoonfuls of simplicity
1 dash of Goodwill
4 drops of easy-going
1 big packet of life loving.

Shardeloes 1

Shardeloes 3

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