A third ‘Outstanding’ rating for CMG in England!

13 January 2017

Avenue Road achieves a third ‘Outstanding’ rating for CMG by the CQC 

It joins our Kings Road service in Hampshire and our Ridgeway service in Essex.

Avenue front 1

We also have an amazing 70 CMG services now rated as ‘good’ with the vast majority of these rated ‘good’ in each of the 5 areas, which is a fantastic achievement.  Unfortunately we do have 5 services rated as ‘requires improvement’ but we are working hard to improve these.

These ratings put CMG well ahead of the national average.  CQC’s national figures report there are 71% of services good, 1% outstanding, 26% requires improvement and 2% inadequate. Ours are significantly higher than these and we have zero services rated as inadequate.

So what does Pam Hirsch our manager at Avenue Road attribute to Avenue Road’s success:

“The overriding feeling I have is that it wouldn’t be possible without the loyalty and responsiveness of the whole staff team. They are a very diverse group with a range of strengths (and weaknesses) but apart from some everyday minor issues they appreciate each other and are so supportive of the service and our goals. They are also incredibly patient with me when I’m asking them to do something ‘extra’ or to change the way they do things and they have a good understanding of why we do what we do. They are not afraid to challenge and will not accept second best. I am so proud of them all.”

Ula Peazold, Regional Director for Avenue Road has added:

“Having a manager in place who has a consistent, fair, competent and supportive approach to her staff  has definitely contributed to the success of the service.  Staff know the tenants really well and respond to small issues before they get too big. Pam also ensures outstanding communication with families, service users and external professionals and has an extremely good eye for detail and understanding of procedures and CQC requirements.”

CMG’s Welsh services are inspected by CSSIW. All CMG’s Welsh services currently have ‘no requirements’ for improvements.

These ratings speak volumes about the care and support that CMG provides nationally to the people we support.  It also provides further evidence of what can be achieved by a competent manager and great staff team who work so cohesively together.  Many congratulations to Pam, her team and the tenants at Avenue Road.

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