Supportive Therapies Day 2019

12 August 2019  2 Comments

This week I’m sharing success from our recent ‘Supportive Therapies Day’, which was held at our Lilliputs site in Hornchurch, Essex.  This special day is a celebration of the people we support who may have more profound and multiple learning disabilities. The day is set up to be completely inclusive and accessible for any person regardless of their disability. If you want to have sensory overload this is the event for you! 

This event is always so heart-warming and is a great opportunity for the people we support, staff, families and teams to get together, enjoy and share this magical day.

One of the aims of the day is to inspire staff teams with the activities on offer, which will then give them the tools to be able to use them in everyday life with individuals.  It’s an exciting day for all, as people can experience therapeutic and sensory activities they may not have been exposed to before.

There were a range of wonderful activities throughout the day, including Birds of Prey demonstrations where people enjoyed watching Owls, Hawks and Kookaburras flying around, and had the opportunity to hold them and even stroke them. The smallest hawk in the UK also made an appearance.

The people we support enjoyed the use of a Hydrotherapy pool, sensory massage and creating a messy masterpiece in the sensory artwork sessions.  People were taken on a hot air balloon ride through the sensory stories involving all the senses – sound, touch, sight and smell. A new addition this year was the Sound Bath which was very popular – it involved listening to meditative, soothing drumming rhythms and gongs.

Tom enjoying the water beads.

Another new addition this year was the interactive weird science experiments. People enjoyed participating and exploring how magnets work through picking up various metals, experimenting with different temperatures eg. icy cold water and warmer water, and playing with slime – which provided much colour, sound and entertainment!

The ‘Pimp my chair’ competition is always waited with baited breath and is an especially tense moment for the judges – it involves wheel chairs decorated in fancy dress style.  Teams spend months beforehand planning and preparing the chairs to look as beautiful and creative as possible. Fancy dress themes included Hawaiian dancers in grass skirts and decorated with flowers, an Apollo spaceship, and a lady who was decorated beautifully as a butterfly – with wings extending out from her chair. The winner of the competition was Samir from Dyke Road, who’s chair was dressed as an ice-cream van, and when he pressed a switch, it played the traditional ice-cream van tune!

Samir, the winner of this year’s ‘Pimp my Chair’ competition.

Thank you to Katie and Erren for organising this amazing day and to everyone who volunteered and participated.

I will now leave you all with a quote from our Clinical Director, Michael Fullerton:

“People with profound and multiple learning are often overlooked and/or their needs are not understood. Everyone deserves the right to lead fulfilling lives and have access to high quality support consistently. The only difference is we need to work harder to learn the ability to listen and communicate. To understand the needs, likes, dislikes and wishes of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. This event is just one example of what we do to make sure we are inclusive and celebrate all the people we support. I’m proud of everyone who makes this day the success it is and especially of Katie Reid and Erren Wheatland who put some much love and dedication into this event and everything they do.”

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