Sunshine and National Care Home Open Day

25 April 2018   Add comments

What a beautiful weekend we had. On Saturday I managed to get out into the sunshine and visit several of our services who were celebrating ‘National Care Home Day’. I had a fun day seeing what the services had on offer. There were BBQ’s, bouncy castles, games, activities, music and much more. I visited Dyke road, Brighton and watched a performance by the residents. It was very entertaining!.

Rachael Dodgson too was out visiting services and enjoying the festivities. This is what she had to say:

“I was struck by how many of our staff brought their family members which was nice to see.” and “At St Helier the neighbours and local shop keeper came along and they had specially designed CMG balloons.”

The national care home initiative was started 6 years ago, to improve and strengthen links between the local communities and care homes. Their key values are friendships, making connections and celebrating older and vulnerable people.

Care homes all over the country open their doors to the local communities to celebrate people, cultures and relationships. Not only does this link communities and bring people closer together, it changes perceptions that care homes are dull places, where nothing interesting happens.  On the contrary services are welcoming places to visit, with fascinating and unique people and a full calendar of events and daily activities.

It is impressive the hard work and dedication that goes into care work, to enrich people’s lives and encourage personal development.  I visit around 10 services a week and I am always proud to see the compassion and support that the staff give. It is wonderful to see the meaningful relationships that are built within the services over the years.

Kings Road in Hampshire had various activities happening throughout the day. With attendance from family members, people from the local community as well as their local MP Caroline Dineage (pictured below).




The Ridge







Little Orchard had over 60 guests, who all seemed to have had a lovely day.






Dyke Road, Brighton.







St Helier, personalised CMG balloons.










The tenants at South Hill cooked various cultural dishes.

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