A SIXTH CQC Outstanding rating for CMG Group

10 November 2017  1 Comments

Well this is another extremely proud week for the CMG group as we have achieved our SIXTH CQC Outstanding rating (this includes our subsidiary Alderwood). A massive congratulations to Kim and her amazing team at 111 Masons Hill in Bromley. None of our competitors in England has more than 3 Outstanding ratings so this is a huge achievement for CMG. As a company we now have 98% of services rated as either Good or Outstanding in England. I don’t want to exclude Wales in this as we have some fantastic services there too, they are just rated under a different inspection body, CSSIW. Well done to everyone who has worked so hard to help CMG gain these exceptional quality ratings.

The Masons Hill CQC report outlines how the team ‘empowers the people it supports to have as much control over their lives as possible’ and how Kim, the manager, acts as a ‘positive role model who encourages an open approach to feedback’. This once again demonstrates the power of positive team work in a service and what can be achieved when everyone pulls together under the leadership of an effective manager.

This is what Kim at 111 Masons Hill had to say: “Our service is very busy, vibrant and sometimes very hectic but the team always works hard to ensure each of our lovely tenants live a fun, happy and very fulfilling life. There are many days I sit and think I should work in a circus because I have become such a good juggler but that is the nature of 111! 2017 has had a lot of ups and downs and believe me it has not been as easy ride, but despite this look what we have achieved – an Outstanding! Thank you to my amazing staff team, Deputy Manager, Simon and of course my manager Sheila for putting up with me. It is a pleasure working with you all.”

I’d like to finish this week’s blog, with a quote from Sheila Morgan, the Regional Director who oversees 111 Masons Hill:

“The Outstanding rating is an amazing achievement for Kim and her team. They have worked extremely hard and they give 100% everyday. Kim’s values, high standards and dedication have created a culture where excellence is expected and everyone understands and enjoys their role. 111 Masons Hill is a great example of one that uses creativity to promote peoples’ independence. It delivers great outcomes for people and boosts peoples’ self esteem. I’m extremely proud of Kim and her team.”

SIXTH CQC outstanding rating
Masons Hill celebrate CMG Group’s SIXTH CQC outstanding rating

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