Sarah Ghent and her Outstanding’s

20 May 2019   Add comments

This week’s blog I would like to share great practice from Sarah Ghent and her Outstanding’s. Sarah is a Regional Manager in the Dorset and Hampshire area, 3 out of 5 of her services have been rated by CQC as Outstanding. Firstly I would like to congratulate Sarah on this amazing achievement and secondly, I would like to share her secret with you all.

I recently caught up with Sarah and she told me how previously when every CQC inspectors arrived, staff would scarper, which I’m sure many managers have had the same experience. It is natural to feel apprehensive when an official inspector turns up unannounced, however instead of running for the hills we should be shouting about all the wonderful things we do to improve the lives of others and ensure quality.

Sarah’s style isn’t making her staff recite the outcomes, but changing the perspective of her staff by asking them to share their day to day experiences at work. Sarah draws in on each experience the staff have with the people they support. For example when giving medication she asks staff how they administrate, the time and how it is recorded. Or she’ll ask staff how they communicate and include families with the support of their loved ones. The staff generally don’t realise they cover all 5 outcomes (Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, Well led) in their daily routines.

Sarah holds sessions with staff using flip boards with an outcome on each. Staff have to write down examples of the different support they give and daily tasks and put them into the right area. These sessions equip staff with the right tools to feel confident when speaking to inspectors. This process takes away the fear and gives them the opportunity to share their fantastic work.

Another addition Sarah made, is creating journeys/story boards for each person they support. All achievements not matter big or small are logged with pictures. This is a great resource to share with inspectors, not only does it act like a prompt for staff, if gives the inspector a clear vision of what life is like for the people supported.  These stories/journeys are also shared with families.

On one occasion when a CQC inspector arrived at one of the services, Carla the home manager had already planned to support someone on an overnight stay in Derby. She felt so confident her staff could cope with the inspection, she didn’t return to be present. She was right the service gained ‘Outstanding’ in 3 areas.

I’m really impressed with Sarah’s methods and feel we can all learn something from the way she empowers and supports her staff.

Sarah Ghent, Regional Manager

“I love what I do, it’s all about making a difference to people’s lives. I am lucky I have such a great group of managers who all support each other. We all work together, share information and celebrate our joint successes. I believe upskilling staff and including them on decision making is the key.”






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