Recognising and valuing staff and frustrations with the tendering process

11 February 2015  1 Comments

I visited ten services this week and have now moved on to my February theme of the month, which is, Valuing Staff. This is something that we have been discussing at our recent staff representative meetings. You may have heard of the ten to one ratio which is the ratio of positive comments you should make to a member of staff compared to the number of negative and critical comments. I think it is really important that we recognise the excellent work and commitment of most staff in CMG and there is a danger sometimes that may get overlooked and we only focus on feedback where there are only areas for improvement. I try to make sure that I always recognise and congratulate good work and I want to encourage a culture throughout the organisation of doing the same. One of our excellent managers, told me that he always thanks his staff when there has been a good shift at work and a lot has been achieved. He is a very modest individual but he is extremely highly regarded by his staff and throughout CMG.

I am continuing to promote our social inclusion campaign and am delighted with the number of responses I have been receiving from staff across the organisation, sharing excellent practice. We are planning to collate all this into a newsletter targeted at our front line support staff to encourage them to explore more social inclusion opportunities for the people they support. I was particularly pleased to hear about an initiative which the Paddocks staff team in Essex are actively exploring which involves finding voluntary work in a cafe for a young man with Autism who can present with complex and challenging behaviour. It is really good that they are seeing beyond his disability to his potential and that is something I would like to encourage with all our staff.

Following our Driving Up Quality self assessment day last year, we have revamped our staff representatives system and now have staff representatives from each of our services who meet with our Head of Learning and Development and Human Resources, Sarah Evans and I on a regional basis. We have now had four meetings and I am extremely impressed by the positive attitude of the staff representatives and their good ideas for improving the way that CMG runs.

We received feedback on a tender this week. Although we weren’t successful, we did receive top marks for our implementation plan question which asked how we would go about getting the service set up if we were successful. Recently we received poor feedback and low marks on our answer to an identical question in a different tender. I was interested to see how different our answers were given the big difference in scores. I was interested to find that our answers were actually identical which I think is good evidence of what a lottery the whole tendering process is.

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