Qualifications for the people we support and good examples of best practice

23 June 2015

I’ve got a few developments in CMG I’d like to highlight in my blog this week. We are piloting a new system for monitoring outcomes that we help the people we support to achieve which includes independence, education and employment. We are implementing the ASDAN system which involves a structured way of supporting people to develop a range of independence skills, for example, in relation to cooking. Each person we support obtains a qualification once they have demonstrated evidence that they have completed the necessary stages in a specific task (a little bit like a simplified version of the NVQ). We have piloted ASDAN in 13 of our services and overall it has worked very successfully so we will now be looking to roll it out across CMG.

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate a couple of really good examples of practice in services I have visited in the last week or so. I managed to visit 16 services last week. I was particularly impressed at 53 Rutland Gardens to hear about a young man with Autism who has particularly complex behaviour and often chooses to isolate himself as he finds it difficult to be around others. The staff team have supported him to go wheelchair ice skating and to the cinema which for him are major achievements. To top it off, he is being supported to attend football matches at Brighton and Hove Albion along with 30,000 other supporters.

A group of older men live at our Shardeloes service in Ashtead and I was very impressed to see the system that the home manager has developed for both ensuring people living there are offered choices around the food they would like to eat, using accessible tools and the way in which that is recorded as evidence for CQC and Local Authorities. I was also impressed to see one of the people living there being supported to make choices about how he spends his day using their very comprehensive activity picture board.

I am planning to introduce a video blog for staff each month so that I can share what is happening in CMG and hopefully continue to improve communication. We filmed the first one today and I am very keen to have feedback from the staff to understand what they think and what they would be most interested to hear about.

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  1. Thank you for visiting 53 Rutland Gardens. You are speaking about our son. Bless him. We are so proud of him for the achievements he has made.

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