Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies change lives and wins national award!

19 May 2017

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) strategies change lives and wins national award!

I want to begin my blog this week by congratulating Lynsey Way, CMG’s Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Strategy Lead and Team Manager, who won the ‘Commended Award’ in the ‘Outstanding Practice in PBS’ category at the national BILD Leadership Awards this month. These awards recognise good practice in PBS nationally.

Positive Behaviour Support - CMG
Lynsey Way, wins Positive Behaviour Support Award

CMG’s journey with PBS started 4 years ago with the development of a PBS strategy which outlined key objectives around raising awareness of the complex needs of people with challenging behaviours in CMG. Other objectives included governance of restrictive practices and developing more intensive and targeted training for staff.

Since that time, we now have a PBS Team which consists of 5 full time posts under Lynsey’s leadership, who not only manage referrals in CMG and co-ordinate staff training, but also develop industry leading projects, just some of which include:

PASS+PORT, an exciting training pathway, which is currently undergoing BILD accreditation

  • Organising an innovative PBS Festival (a first for our industry) on 14th September in Surrey. I believe the tickets for this event sold out within a week, but if you would like more information, please contact lynsey.way@cmg.co.uk.
  • Actively engage in many local PBS networks as well as in national projects with The PBS Academy and Skills for Care.
  • Developing a quality audit for PBS to enable services to evidence how well they are doing at delivering and implementing plans.

There is so much more that I could say about the work that our PBS Team are doing, but perhaps the benefits of what they can achieve are best outlined in the lives that they change.  Here are just a few short case studies:

J – through focused understanding of her mental health needs, creating a versatile support plan and reducing demands at certain times, J’s staff team have reduced challenging behaviours by over 90%, J is a lot happier and has reduced the need for PRN medications completely.

P- through a change of environment to a quieter residential service which could operate at his pace, and some significant decreases in medication, P is no longer considered a person with challenging behaviour, he has some amazing outcomes thanks to the staff team and is loving life!

D- was finding it hard to transition to a new placement with us. Through increasing structure and visual information, and building rapport with staff at a pace he could manage, his transition is now back on track and progressing well.

Our PBS team live and breathe PBS in such a positive and engaging way. They also do a fantastic job in continually keeping energised the whole purpose of positive support approaches that increase quality of life.  The aims of which are that everyone we support: has plenty to do that interests them; are learning new skills; have friendships and relationships; have positive healthy lifestyles and can communicate effectively.

Where there is a good quality of life, there is less likely to be challenging behaviours.



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