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19 November 2018   Add comments

In this week’s blog I am proud to announce that Hersham gardens have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating in their recent CQC rating. This is an amazing achievement, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of Dan Ismail and his team. Congratulations!

Dan has only been within CMG for the last 2.5 years. When Dan applied to be a support worker he had no prior experience within care and had no real intention of being in the care sector, it was temporary fix to his situation at the time.

However, it didn’t take long for Dan to fall in love with people he was supporting and the staff. He moved quickly from support worker to lead support worker and then to service manager. It seems that Dan has found his vocation.

Dan’s management style filters down through the staff to the tenants, make everyone a leader and empower people. The team out Hersham Gardens, have the tenants at the centre of everything they do. The strong bonds the tenants have with all of the staff can be clearly seen. I love seeing all the photos that cover the walls with everything the tenants and staff have been up to. This service has such a wonderful homely feel to it.

One tenant was supported to take part in CMG’s Dragon’s Den pitching for her cake business, she was successful and was granted funding to help grow her business. Another tenant has a voluntary job at the local day centre helping out on reception and in the kitchen at lunch times.

This service really has it all, the tenants even have a hot tub! Recently, during the Halloween period a few of the tenants were anxious about the scary decorations so the staff with the help of the tenants created non-spooky decorations. My favourite was the unicorn pumpkin!

Dan and the staff at Hersham Gardens have created an easy-read audit form so the tenants can carry out their own audits and monthly checks to make sure their home is exactly the way it should be.

Daniel Ashley Ismail, Registered Manager at Hersham Gardens, said:

“It is the team’s hard work and dedication that has made this excellent achievement possible and ensures that the individuals we support continue to live fulfilling and enriched lives, every day.”

Comments from Hersham Gardens CQC report:

“There was a vibrant, creative and inclusive atmosphere at the service. People took the lead on decisions about all aspects of their care and activities. There was a strong focus on achieving goals and positive outcomes for people. Staff had enabled people to learn important skills, enter employment and start businesses. The home was a warm and happy environment in which people and staff worked together to better each other. Training, domestic chores and auditing was completed jointly between people, staff and management.”

“Another person had lacked confidence accessing the community and interacting with others. The registered manager told us how this person had been taken out regularly to increase their confidence. The person had recently approached a local shop of their own volition to ask them for support with a charity event idea they wanted to implement. This showed a dramatic improvement in this person’s confidence and ability to interact with the local community. The shop were able to support with people from the service setting up a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ barbecue fundraiser which was used to raise money for a local day centre.”

Congratulations to Dan and the whole tam at Hersham gardens, we look forward to following you on your new journey with ‘Fiveways’.


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