Ty Nant

At Ty Nant, we have been supporting 5 individuals for roughly one year. Each service user presents as having Autism or Autistic traits, have complex needs and some individuals’ exhibit very challenging behaviours. All were supported 2:1 at almost all times and now after a year they are usually supported 1:1 at home and 2:1 outside in their community. Social interaction between service users was non-existent before we began supporting them to participate in group activities and recently service users have begun to communicate with each other more readily even as far as celebrating a birthday together. Staff and service users are now planning BBQ’s and Cake & Coffee mornings. Structured timetables specific to each individual, dedicated key-workers and an increased range of activities in and outside of the house have helped everyone to expand their participation in activities that encourage them to reach positive outcomes and develop their communications. Each service user had support from our Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) therapists to develop their own PBS support plans to help identify triggers and reduce challenging behaviours. As a result there has been a marked decrease in restrictive practices and incidents.

In particular one service user SC has been supported to manage his obsessions and challenging behaviours in regards to being out in the community and taking items from shops and people that did not belong to him. Since June 2015, staff have been working hard to implement a new PBS plan around shopping trips. Working with SC requires regular problem solving and strategising, and small adjustments to routines, activities, approaches are discussed between staff and with the manager, and other care professionals. SC was excluded from many establishments and would only access community spaces when there were decreased interactions with members of the public (park settings, Gym sessions). With improvements implemented over the last year that CMG became involved, SC now regularly visits pubs, fish and chip shops, the gym and goes shopping every week. Far from being excluded and not being able to visit shops without incident even when supported, he has gone shopping without incident 50 times in the last 52 weeks. Personalised support and the implementation of a focussed PBS plan in June has supported SC’s positive outcomes.

Frequency of incidents:


Another individual being supported in our Ty Nant services had seriously aggressive tendencies and displayed incidents of violence towards staff. He had previously hospitalised members of his support team and was been supported to move into our Ty Nant services. Our assessment and referral teams worked very closely with the community social care teams to assess the suitability and sustainability of his placement and then worked hard to prepare the service to be able to support him. We developed an area of the service that we could adapt to his needs before he moved in. He moved into an annex that effectively meant he had his own flat with separate entrances and exits. Earlier this year he exhibited 14 separate incidents of physical aggression, in a month he had no physically aggressive outbursts. We continue to work with him to support his needs and provide a personalised approach to his care.

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