Rutland Gardens

When M first arrived at 51 Rutland Gardens she displayed regular dangerous behaviour (ranging from 1- 6 incidents a day) which she foundĀ  very difficult to control. Her diabetes and diet were not controlled; she was overweight and was on 2:1 support to go out in the community. She had no control over her own finances, rarely got involved in any activities and was unable to have access to any kitchen equipment unless eating. M does not like people to get too close and initially was unable to have any close contact with staff or service users, which would result in her eating alone and only going out with staff on rare occasions.

1 year later…

M now prepares her own menus using healthy eating recipes and cooks all of her meals using fresh ingredients which she purchases herself. Her diabetes has dramatically improved and she has lost 3 stone in weight.

Staff have spent a lot of time with M on a 1-1 basis; we have attended health appointments, gone clothes shopping and food shopping together. M recently achieved her life dream to go and stay with her mum and dad and not have any incidents. Her parents feel especially proud of her and have praised the hard work undertaken by the staff.

M now cooks all her own meals, does her laundry, cleaning and personal care with support. M is now able to travel on buses (this is something M had not done for many years) and has a job in a charity shop run by the Spiral group. It gives her such pleasure to go to work and meet and deal with people.

M is now doing activities that she and her family never thought she would be able to do because of her behaviour, these include going to work, swimming, travelling on buses and on trains, shopping in Brighton town centre, going out for meals and going to get her hair done.

Deputy Manager, Rutland Gardens

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