New Dawn

Family of service user at New Dawn

“Our youngest son S is an enormously characterful, but profoundly disabled young man of 31. He is so fortunate to live at CMG’s New Dawn, which has a special family atmosphere, and where the managers and staff put family contact and communication at the absolute top of their list as vital to S’s wellbeing.

S has very close regular links with his family, and CMG and the staff at New Dawn are hugely supportive and flexible in every way about arrangements to enable him to come “home” as often as he wants. There is no bureaucracy involved in these arrangements, and the care staff never grumble about driving many miles to take S and his other pals at New Dawn to visit family.

S is extremely lively and sociable and is always really pleased to see family members when we visit him, or when he comes to stay with us. He never seems reluctant to return to New Dawn though, where we know he is so happy. It is touching to see his affection for his carers there.

The Managers and staff are always available by email and phone to discuss problems (very few) and always receptive and enthusiastic about ideas and initiatives for improving care”.