Masons Hill

At Masons Hill we have made personalisation a cornerstone of our support from the start and continue to do so. Rather than support service users to attempt to attain generic outcomes we have worked with each individual tofind out the best way we can tailor their support and bolster their efforts towards independence. Service User  A, who has moderate learning disabilities recently joined a snooker club and was supported by staff to undertake the research, fill in the membership forms and arrange payment.  Tenant B who has moderate learning disabilities, Downs Syndrome and a degenerative heart defect  (and had open heart surgery in 2014), showed an interest in attending boxing and pilates classes. Her keyworker contacted the GP who gave her advice on the condition.  CMG then put a risk management plan in place and B now attends boxing classes and pilates once a week and is loving it.

Also in Masons Hill, Tenant C, who has Downs Syndrome has joined ‘high flyers’ dance classes and was recently supported to go to the Royal Academy of Dance in London to help promote the classes and answer questions from the audience.  Tenant D who has severe learning disabilities, autism and is non verbal came to live at Masons Hills last year.  He required 2:1 support and had severe challenging behaviour.  Staff at Masons Hill got in touch with a specialist from Oxleas Hospital who had known D for a number of years.  He worked alongside staff and helped them review guidelines.  Since then his challenging behaviour has reduced significantly and he now enjoys regular trips to the cinema and bowling alley. He has also taken up cycling and is now able to cycle unaided.

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