Lewes Road

When E arrived at CMG’s Lewes Road she had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive behaviours. These compulsions would at times present themselves as aggressive behaviour and self harm. As a result of these behaviours E was initially very challenging.

However, she gradually began to develop trusting relationships with staff who made sure her support team was consistent. Care plans and support guidelines were devised by the staff team and the multidisciplinary team and focused on how to support E to manage her obsessive compulsive behaviour as well as her challenging behaviour. The emphasis was mainly to engage E in meaningful activities, i.e. social, leisure, educational and therapeutic activities, which would increase her confidence and social and emotional well being.

E now thrives during one to one interactions and takes pride in making any decisions that concern her day to day life. E’s daily living skills have improved a great deal; she is now able to get actively involved in preparing meals for herself and the other service users. In addition, E is playing an active part in managing her health and diet by joining a local Weight Watchers group and developing and maintaining a healthy eating plan. E is well settled at the service, has a good relationship with the other service users and enjoys being in their company.

A big achievement for E has been the improved links with her family (mainly her sister). E’s visits to her family were rare because of her previously unpredictable behaviour but thanks to the staff’s support E has been able to visit her sister more often and has even been staying overnight. The feedback from her family indicates that E now has a much more positive attitude and is generally a happier person.

Domiciliary Care Manager of Lewes Road

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