Kings Road

Social Worker

When D first moved into CMG’s Kings Road there had been serious concerns about his physical wellbeing, diet and nutrition and some behavioural difficulties too. I completed a review for D and I am delighted with the progress he has made since being supported by CMG. D is clearly very happy with where he lives and has a good rapport with his support staff and also yourself. I am very pleased with the variety of social activities D is encouraged to participate in and he is also doing extremely well at college. In fact there have been no reports of any behavioural issues / concerns for many, many months (in comparison with how he was prior to moving to Kings Road). I am also very impressed with how quickly D’s physical wellbeing improved soon after moving into Kings Road. His diet is varied and healthy, and he has made tremendous improvements in terms of managing his personal care. I am confident that the support D receives from CMG at Kings Road is of a high standard.

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