Cleveland House

Family of service user at Cleveland House

C was coming home every Saturday in a distressed mood, always covered in bruises, poor hygiene, drugged, aloof and had also become incontinent as well as losing nearly 2 stone in weight. Our family had become so distressed and were very worried. Then C moved into Cleveland House.

When C moved into Cleveland House we were very impressed with the staff and how understanding they all were. We had a few meetings before C moved in and staff were confident that C would be happy. C has gone back to her normal self she is happy, chatty, always looks nice, she is full of stories about activities that happened throughout the week. She comes home talking about the staff and how they make her laugh and how she is helping them. She even loves going out for drives, the incontinence stopped straight away and she has put on weight and has not had a single mark on her.

Staff at Cleveland House are always looking to improve C, they are happy for us to call the house, update us regularly, invite us to the house and even update us on hospital/ doctor’s appointments giving us a full report on her progress. The staff’s communication is great. C is even making friends at the house and that has not happened since she lost her best friend 5 years ago.

My family and I cannot praise the staff enough. We have our sister/daughter back and it’s all down to the happy, caring staff and environment C lives in.

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