Staying Safe Online

In CMG we support a number of people with learning disabilities and/or autism who use the internet and social media. Given a desire to develop friendships and be involved in social media, people with learning disabilities are exposed to the positive benefits of that as well as the risks of exploitation/discrimination/emotional abuse. There is a growing number of people supported by CMG who have been exploited, and also a small number who have been getting themselves involved in the criminal justice system due to exploiting or offending others. In order to support people, we decided to develop an easy read guide to support people understand the pitfalls, and how they might be able to keep themselves safe.

In conjunction with CHANGE,, we produced easy read guide. (CHANGE is a national charity and one of their roles is to produce easy read information for people with learning disabilities).

CHANGE and CMG facilitated two focus groups for people we support – so the information within the guide, as well as how to keep yourself safe, came directly from the people we support. CHANGE then took that information to develop the format for the Guide.

This Guide was launched at the National Learning Disability England Conference on Tuesday 5th December 2017, by Ryan Butler (who lives in a CMG supported living service in Camberley), and Shaun Webster (CHANGE).

A copy of this Guide can be found here.