CMG’s unique and person centred PBS training

BILD training accreditation

Whilst most providers offer generic positive behaviour support (PBS) training to their staff, by outsourcing their training, CMG has designed its own training package which has been fully accredited by BILD.

This endeavour took 18 months of determined hard work by The PBS Team and lots ofobserving and assessment from BILD to determine its credibility and content.

CMG’s ability to do its own training ensures that CMG can tailor its training around the specific needs of the people we support, rather than use a generic ‘one fits all’ approach.

This process has also removed the need for all floor based restraint in CMG and reduced the need for any kind of restraint in the management of challenging behaviour in CMG.

Everything is now prescription based, but carefully monitored to avoid over medication.

CMG is one of the only service providers utilising this kind of training specifically tailored around their own internal needs.

National PBS Festival

This year CMG has been at the forefront of national best practice with leading the organisation of an innovative and unique Positive Behaviour support Festival which was held in Surrey in September 2017.

The PBS Festival gathered together industry professionals, journalists, and family members to engage in a variety of different talks and activities in a fun environment different to the usual corporate conference setting.

The Festival took place at the outdoors Walton Firs Activity Centre in Cobham, Surrey. An array of PBS presentations and chats where hosted by PBS professionals in festival yurts:

The Skills Tent

The Think Hut

Conversation Street

The Talking Tent

There was also mindfulness walks through the woods.

The aim of the event was for attendees to better understand people’s behaviour and then use that knowledge to improve the person’s quality of life and decrease behaviours that challenge.

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The PBS Festival was a collaborative event between CMG, Dimensions, Consensus, PBS4, Choice Care Group, Avenues, Surrey Positive Behaviour Support Network and Surrey County Council.

Tickets for this event sold out within a week.

Networks and partnerships

The PBS Team actively engage in many local PBS networks. This includes a PBS task force group at Sutton Council and Surrey County Council both of whom are developing tools around quality in services for PBS.

CMG also engages in national projects with The PBS Academy and Skills for Care and currently contributing to research with Ulster University looking at the quality of PBS planning.

CMG’s management team

Peter Kinsey, CMG’s CEO has received additional training in positive behavior support (PBS) and actively uses positive monitoring when he visits services every week.

Michael Fullerton, CMG’s Clinical Director also runs a PBS Strategy Group for CMG which looks at future strategy and vision.