Supporting people with PMLD in CMG

CMG support over 100 adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Support is provided in supported living or residential services, within ordinary homes in local communities. In addition we have specialist day service provisions in Essex and Brighton.

Supporting adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities requires a skilled support team, and additional structured support and training for the team. Within CMG we have a strong and structured support to each service, with support teams who are wholly committed to ensuring people experience a personalised style of support that is attentive to their health and postural care, while supporting the person to enjoy good mental health and an active family/social life.

CMG Athletics Day.
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We now have a dedicated Clinical Support Team, which includes our Clinical Nurse Trainer – Erren Wheatland (Adult/Child Nursing), Healthcare Facilitator – Katie Reid, Physiotherapist–David Warner, Learning Disability Nurse/Clinical Director –Michael Fullerton, Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer–Elmi Terjavjainena. The team benefits from excellent links at a local level with other health specialists and access to occupational therapy/speech and language therapy on a consultancy basis.

People supported live in ordinary housing, in the heart of local communities, and benefit from accessible living environments and specialist equipment as relevant to each person.

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