Structured support to staff teams

Staff learning and development

Alongside the typical training packages you would expect to provide when supporting people with a learning disability, teams have access to specialist input which includes:

Supporting the needs of individuals with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

This is a practical qualification that focuses on the needs of individuals with PMLD. It is offered to CMG staff at level 2 and 3, being registered with Ofqual and accredited through OCN (Open College Network). This national qualification is currently the only one of its kind and is facilitated by our Clinical Support Team in partnership with Disability Learning.


CMG Athletics Day.
David Weir Leisure Centre, SM5 1SL.

Postural Care Accredited Training

Katie Reid (Healthcare Facilitator), David Warner (Physiotherapist) and Erren Wheatland (Clinical Nurse Trainer) have successfully completed their ‘Train the Trainer’ course run by Simple Stuff Works which qualifies them to run the Postural Care Accredited Course. This training is being rolled out to support teams.

Bespoke training and competency assessment

CMG provides a range of specialist in-house training in a number of areas including;

  • 24 Hour Postural Management,
  • Enteral Feeding
  • Dysphagia
  • Airway Suction
  • Use of BiPAP
  • Epilepsy Management
  • Buccal Midazolam administration
  • Continence Care
  • Pressure Area Care
  • Infection Prevention and Control

Internal PMLD Forum:

CMG facilitate a quarterly PMLD Forum for managers and support staff. The forum has a focus on health care needs, postural management, communication, community participation, social inclusion and engaging in meaningful activities etc etc. The Forum shares research and evidence based practice, develops new initiatives and advocates for people we support.

Annual Supportive Therapy Day

The aim of the Supportive Therapies Day is to offer a range of supportive therapies and sensory activities to create effective engagement between individuals, enhance greater social interaction and provide great benefits on an individual’s overall physical health.

The range of opportunities available on the day include sensory stories, massage, hydrotherapy, art classes, music and drama sessions (including the ever popular limbo dancing), and using Assistive Technology to communicate and maintain control over the environment. The day ends with a sensory disco and the in famous ‘Pimp my Chair’ (inspired by the TV programme ‘Pimp my Ride’).

This fun competition gives people the opportunity to get creative, pimp up their wheelchairs and showcase their ride!

The aim is not simply that people will have a great day out. This is a day to inspire support teams to learn and share new experiences that they can transfer to everyday life for the people they support.


In Essex, Brighton and Norfolk, people we support have access to hydrotherapy and where needed, in partnership with local physiotherapists, hydrotherapy programmes are developed which compliment their daily movement plans. Staff receive training to deliver these programmes. Where hydrotherapy is not available within CMG, referrals can be made to the local CLDT for a six week sessional hydrotherapy treatment plan.