Postural care profile

Postural Care is the protection of a person’s body shape. Anyone who finds it hard to move or spends a long time in a limited number of positions is at risk of their body becoming asymmetric.  It is important that we seek expert advice and support to ensure we proactively use the right positioning techniques and equipment to help protect and restore body shape.

In order to ensure support teams, provide consistent and predictable postural care, CMG’s Erren Wheatland ( Clinical Educator) and Katie Reid (Healthcare Facilitator) have developed the ‘Postural Care Profile’, to allow for an ‘at a glance’ guide to supporting staff and family members.

This anonymised example provides a guidance in completing the profile. Please note that the profile does not replace the more detailed guidance from Physiotherapy, but provides an at a glance reminder to support staff, family member, day centre/college staff or nurses in hospital if the person is admitted to hospital.

(If using the Profile outside of CMG, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge CMG as the source of the tool).