National Conference ‘Raises the Bar’ and Sets New Standards For PMLD

29 November 2017   Add comments

Raising The Bar PMLD Conference sets new standards

As those of you will know who read my blog each week, I often comment on how brilliant our CMG events are as we really do lead the field in this area within social care.  As well as our usual annual programme of events, we also like to take the lead on best practice initiatives in the sector, as we did with our STOMP conference at Westminster earlier in the year.  Last week was no exception.  With Michael Fullerton’s lead (in conjunction with other PMLD organisations*) they hosted ‘Raising the Bar’, the first national conference with an exclusive focus on profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

Taking place at the Manchester Conference Centre, Raising the Bar saw the launch of the new Core and Essential Service Standards for supporting people with PMLD, to raise the bar for what best practice care looks like across the UK and beyond. The conference also aimed to establish better networking around PMLD, which until now has been a largely neglected area in the sector and society more widely.   The conference was sold out within weeks of it being advertised and I’m told was so oversubscribed that people were prepared to sit on the stairs in the conference room so they didn’t miss out!

The Core Service Standards are aimed at commissioners, providers of care services and educational establishments, including specialist schools, to ensure equity of support and provision, in the hope that the standards will be used to support adults and children with PMLD, in social care and assisted living settings. The standards are focused on what should be put into place within the organisation, including quality of care, leadership, support and training for staff members.

If you would like to see a copy of the guide, you can find it on the CMG website  I would also like to draw your attention to some of the other great new content we have added to the CMG website.  I truly believe it is one of the better websites in the sector now.  Under the ‘our expertise’ section we have outlined some of our best practice initiatives (PBS, PMLD, STOMP).  We have also added some great videos from people we support saying what it is like to live in CMG ( as well as excellent video footage of staff explaining why they love working for CMG (

I’d like to leave you with a lovely quote from Rachel Wright, trained nurse and parent of a child with profound and multiple learning disabilities who attended last week’s conference: ““The PMLD National Conference presented a fantastic mix of research, inspiring practice and standards that, if employed, can change the lives of those with PMLD. But the best part for me, was that throughout the day the voices and views of those with PMLD and their families were at the centre.”

* The Raising the Bar conference and Core Standards were the initiative of CMG, Michael Fullerton, Head of Inclusive Research at Choice Support, Dr Thomas Doukas, Ann Fergusson, Editor at PMLD Link and a family carer, and Joanna Grace, from The Sensory Projects.  The Core Standards Guide was endorsed by NHS England, with a Forward by Norman Lamb, MP.

Raising the bar PMLD conference
The CMG team at Raising the bar PMLD conference!
Raising the bar PMLD conference
Feedback from Raising the bar PMLD conference
Raising the bar PMLD conference
Workshop session at Raising the bar PMLD conference
Raising the bar PMLD conference
Raising the bar PMLD conference

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