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29 September 2017   Add comments

I know I have talked a lot in previous blogs about CMG’s annual events, but yesterday I attended CMG’s Registered Manager’s Conference, which is our annual event for all the staff in CMG who manage services across England and Wales.

We have run this event for 5 years now and each year it gathers momentum and we receive even better feedback from attendees. This year’s motivational speaker was Olympic swimmer, Steve Parry, who inspired us all by his thought provoking and humorous presentation. Aside from his Olympic goals and achievements, Steve talked about his recent passion for giving children across the country the opportunity to learn to swim though his Pools 4 Schools endeavour. It was fascinating to learn that 49% of children between the ages of 7-11 years are unable to swim 25m and in 2014 there was 400 deaths from downing. Perhaps more importantly was the message that as part of a team you can make great things happen. As one delegate said, Steve ‘breaths success’.

Another thought provoking presentation and workshop was given by external speaker, Andy Bradley, who got us all thinking about the fact that ‘what leaders model shapes what teams do and makes all the difference to the way people feel and perform’. Also ways in which we can all be more in tune with the teams that we work with as well ensuring that we are being compassionate to ourselves as well. Just simple things like how important it is to listen with a quiet mind, which we all practised in his workshop.

Andy also asked us to think about one word that summed up what some large organisations stood for or the purpose of their brand. This was an interesting exercise as the results were not as many of us expected. So for example, MacDonald’s purpose is ‘speed’. Apple’s purpose is ‘beauty’ and Virgin’s purpose is ‘adventure’. This obviously got us all thinking about CMG’s purpose and whilst lots of good ideas were put forward, we all agreed that the best word that represented CMG’s purpose was ‘opportunity’.

We also held a series of workshops in the afternoon. One was hosted by Polly Falconer, the manager of a mental health outreach service which CMG acquired in 2016. Polly has a great deal of expertise in mental health conditions and provided attendees with more of an insight into spotting signs of mental illness and the best ways to support them.

Anita Smart and Linda Fish from our Alderwood business (providers of specialist support for people with Autism who are some of the most challenging people in the country), hosted a workshop on effective communication tools. Alderwood’s specialist knowledge in this area is second to none.

Here is just some of the great feedback we have received from the day:

“Polly Falconer on Mental Health was AMAZING. Her knowledge, the way she presented everything was superb. Very inspirational.”

“The Alderwood workshop was absolutely fantastic – it was nice to have a workshop which was interactive and the information and ideas learnt could be immediately taken back to the service and started straight away.”

“Andy Bradley was my absolute favourite. Not only did we do some mindfulness but he actually gave two hugely inspirational presentations that have made me change my outlook today personally and as a registered manager.”

“Steve Parry was fantastic, a great inspirational and motivational speaker and very approachable. It’s great to have presentations that make you see things from different perspectives. I will definitely stand taller in future and say ‘what a great day!’ everyday.”

“What a great event to bring the managers together and share experiences that are very inspiring and motivating.”

“I thought it was a great day and a great opportunity to meet other managers in CMG. The opportunity to sit back and reflect on my practice and bounce that around with other managers is always a positive thing.”

Steve Parry at CMG Manager's Conference
Steve Parry at CMG Manager’s Conference
CMG Manager's Conference
CMG Manager’s Conference

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