Linda’s amazing voluntary work

19 September 2019

Linda helping one of her furry friends at the farm!

Every year, Achieve Together hold the People’s Awards. These awards highlight the amazing achievements of people we support across the country in paid employment, voluntary employment, education, sports and leisure, performing arts, positive risk taking, social inclusion, health outcomes, most inspirational group, making a difference, and individual achievements. The awards ceremony took place in May and was a huge success.

Linda from Chandon in Ashtead was delighted to win joint second place for the Best Achievement in Voluntary Employment at the awards.

Linda has mobility difficulties but that hasn’t stopped her from volunteering at Deen City Farm in Morden. The staff at Chandon were able to help Linda to get a job at Deen City Farm, which is local. The farm is an urban one, with an educational focus that teaches the local community about the rural environment and where our food comes from.

Linda loves animals so she and the farm were the perfect fit for each other. The farm is home to over 150 animals including alpacas, cows, cats, ferrets, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep, pigs and a huge variety of birds. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of upkeep!

Linda’s responsibilities have massively increased overtime, as she has become more confident and accustomed to the environment around her. Now, she helps to clean out the animal enclosures, feeds the small animals, collects eggs and recently helped with a piece of research measuring the length of goat horns.

Volunteering at the Deen City Farm has been so beneficial for Linda. She has been able to use her love of animals and make a positive difference in the community. Furthermore, it has increased her confidence and independence. A huge congratulations to Linda for her work and the award!




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