Learning Disability Awareness Week – Improving healthcare

22 June 2018   Add comments

This week’s blog I would like to hand the reins to inspirational young lady, Mary Woodall. Mary has been supported by CMG for just under two years now. The work she has achieved since then is amazing. She is a leading member of campaigning for change, which is a self-advocacy group within CMG.

Mary has been proactive locally in promoting road safety, one example of this she campaigned and succeeded in getting a zebra crossing added to a busy road in her neighbourhood.

She is passionate about promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities, and is actively involved in the supported loving network (national network) which does just that! The network focusses on supporting people with learning disabilities to have personal relationships, and promotes the rights around sexuality.

Next week Mary will be attending the National Learning Disability and Autism awards where she has been nominated for the People’s award. The award celebrates people who give exceptional encouragement and support for individuals with learning disabilities and or autism. She deserves to win this, we will all be rooting for you Mary!

Learning Disability Awareness Week – Improving healthcare blog, by Mary Woodall

As it is learning disability awareness week I would like to share my thoughts on how the health needs of people with disabilities are treated.

I am aware that too many people with learning disabilities die too young, because their health needs are not picked up early enough, or treated properly.

A problem is that people with learning disabilities are thought of as a last thing, that their needs are not as crucial as people without disabilities.

Also, with changes to the benefit system, some people don’t get as much and don’t have jobs. All this affects their health and wellbeing.

I would like to see people with learning disabilities getting better health support, and for all doctors and nurses to be trained in understanding people with learning disabilities and autism.

I would also like to see everyone with a disability having a Hospital Passport, and for the hospital staff actually reading these, so they know how to treat the person.

Lots of people with learning disabilities can’t read or write and need help to make the right choices. It would be good if health issues were always clear and easy for everyone to understand.

It’s quite unfair that too many people with disabilities are not treated quickly enough when they have health issues, and I would like to see health services improve a lot, with better understanding of the people they are supporting.

Mary Woodall


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