Katie Reid and 20 years of positively impacting on the lives of people we support

17 July 2017   Add comments

I’d like to dedicate this week’s blog to Katie Reid, our Healthcare Facilitator, who celebrates 20 years service with CMG this month.  Katie started her career on the 7th July 1997 at Ceres House (CMG acquired the Ceres House services in 2004) as a Care Assistant, straight from school. She worked across the services, supporting children aged from 6 months to 18 years of age. Katie quickly made her mark and was promoted to Senior Care Assistant, then Deputy Manager at 289 Dyke Road which supported children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Katie also helped to manage 283 Dyke Road (supporting children with ‘challenging behaviour’ and autism). In 2002 Katie was promoted to Manager of 289 Dyke road and was successfully interviewed by the Regulatory Body – at this time, aged 22 years, she was the youngest registered manager in East Sussex.

There are 9 people that Katie still supports in her current role that she has been involved in supporting since they were children. In addition, she worked closely with Sammy Boyle, for twenty years, since he was 11 years of age. Sammy lived at 287 Dyke Road and is recently deceased. Katie and Sammy had a wonderfully close relationship.

During her time working directly in the children’s homes, one of Katie’s proudest times is when she supported a little boy to be adopted. He had significant physical and learning disabilities, Katie worked hard with others to support him to use a standing frame and to actually ride a trike. He was adopted by a family in Dorset and Katie stayed with the family during the transition to make sure this was successful, and he was enjoying family life.

In 2006, Katie’s role changed. Given her skill and knowledge base, she moved from being a manager to taking on a new role as Care Co-Ordinator within CMG’s Therapy Team. This was a locally based role in Hove, which in 2009 turned into her current Healthcare Facilitator role, supporting CMG services in a much wider national role. The skills and knowledge Katie is able to offer to CMG staff teams has grown significantly. With a diverse range of interests and maintaining up to date research and evidence based practice, Katie is able to offer a lot of expertise to ensure CMG stay at the forefront of proactive support to people with a range of complex needs.

As if evidence of the many lives that Katie has so positively impacted in 20 years was needed, when we asked for a few testimonials for her, they came flooding in.  Each is very moving and demonstrates Katie’s passion, dedication and knowledge.  There are too many to show here, but I’d like to include extracts from a few:

“Katie always has a smile on her face and the way she conducts herself with colleagues and the service users is an example to the rest of the team and to me. Katie’s unique knowledge of every service user is invaluable and helps me enormously from a medical standpoint when trying to decide on any intervention or treatment plan. She has excellent clinical acumen and a down to earth and common sense approach.

I hope our professional relationship continues for many years.”

Dr Thomas Gayton, Montpelier Surgery

My son ‘S’ has been at CMG for 12 years. Katie has always advocated well for ‘S’ with other professionals. Katie always has his best interests at heart and always interacts with him well and he enjoys her company very much. I feel that Katie is a valued member of the staff who is always there when advice or support is needed.”

Sue El-Ziftawy, Mother

“I really liked Katie when she came to work with me around living a healthy lifestyle. She was very patient and listened to me. She listened to my suggestions and  gave me good advice. Katie gave a hula hoop which I used for a few weeks.  The main thing is since I worked with Katie I have lost a lot of weight and I have never looked back. I go for regular walks and I eat healthily. I am more confident and I am in employment and will soon be registering for an English course at college.

Thank you Katie.”

Nicola (Person we support at Perryn Road)

“Katie has an eye like an eagle, and a sixth sense when it comes to the people we support. We have always pushed the boundaries for our service users to achieve and live a quality life, and this would not have been possible without the support of Katie.

Katie’s 20 years in service is the equivalent of 40 years considering the dedication and commitment she gives.”

Romulo Fernandez, Manager, 290 Dyke Road

“While Katie’s role has grown considerably, her passion lies within the PMLD services. She is instrumental in promoting positive internal communication and supporting working relationships between the PMLD home managers and external health professionals. Katie’s knowledge is extensive and not just concerning health concerns as her title would suggest.

She is an amazing individual and her love, passion and enthusiasm for everything that she does is an inspiration to us all.”

Laurie Hopper, Home Manager, 287 Dyke Road 

CMG's Katie Reid 20 years ago
CMG’s Katie Reid 20 years ago
CMG's Katie Reid at recent Service User Awards
CMG’s Katie Reid at recent Service User Awards

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