Inspirational Individuals Celebrated At the Annual Achievement Awards

24 May 2018   Add comments

The annual awards is always one of my favourite events in the CMG calendar. It fills me with pride to see what each person has achieved over the last year. This year was no different.

People were awarded with 1st, 2nd or 3rd place for various categories including sports, health, employment and education.

After a 3 course sit down meal, the award ceremony began. Each nominee had their photo displayed and a brief description why they had been nominated. The awards were presented by David Spruzen (CMG chairman) with the help of Michael Fullerton.

The whole evening was filled with many surprises, laughter and emotions. One moment in particular has stayed with me. A young man called A has been with CMG for a number of years and I know him well. He has quite severe autism and finds anything new rather frightening and distressing. Originally when he was first nominated for an award no one thought he would be able to come to the event let alone collect his award. So a plan was created, A would collect his award outside away from the crowd and noise. A’s registered manager and key support worker spent time over a number of months driving to Imber court, walking up the stairs to the ballroom and practicing to collect his award. Imagine my surprise when I saw him walk into the ballroom, through the middle of all the guests to collect his award at the front. He even managed to pose for a photo. This was such an amazing achievement and I am so very proud of A and the team at Tuscany house. It really shows what careful planning, time and consideration can do towards the personal outcomes of an individual. The staff told me how after collecting his award he was so chuffed, and couldn’t stop smiling.

The night was finished off with some great music and disco provided by DJ Jamie from The Green.

Congratulations everybody!

Please see below for some of the nominations:

Best Achievement in Education

“R has been attending college regularly and I’m pleased to say at the end of 2017 she passed her GCSE in Maths. She is now working towards her GCSE in English. R works really hard and is very dedicated to her studies”

Voluntary Employment

“S delicate and considerate in his approach and a role model to those around him. He treats everyone with dignity and respect, and always offers a smile and gives a positive response.”

Best Achievement in Sports

“A few months ago B participated in the special bike Olympics in Sheffield, where he won two gold medals and many other top ten finishes. Every Sunday B rides with his bike group, there’s not a day where B isn’t participating in some kind of sport.”

Excellence in Advocacy and Rights Promotion

“S has also been working on a composing a song which deals with bullying, and is hoping to record it along with a video. He is now employed as a Self-Advocate in the Campaigning for Change group.”

Here are a few photos from the night, please head over to our Facebook page to see more:

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