The Grand Opening of Carden Avenue

29 March 2018   Add comments

The grand opening of the new supported living at Carden Avenue 22a & 22b

I’m happy to announce this week that two of our services have moved to Brighton and changed from registered residential living to supported living. This move has provided tenants with more independence and flexibility of their own care, through bespoke care packages and person centred plans based on individual and varying needs.

At CMG we are continually improving our services, to offer the best care and opportunities possible to all the people we support.  In this case some of the tenants have been with us for over 20 years. During this time their personal, health care and mobility needs have changed.

The two new supported living services are side by side. They are eight bedroom purpose built properties, all with accessible en-suite wet rooms, hoists and lifts to all floors. The move was fulfilled to provide residents with more comfort and increase daily independence. These services are suited to, cater for people in their senior years, meaning they wouldn’t ever need to move again.

Each person was reassessed by CMG’s referral and assessment team to ensure their most up to date and current needs were recognised and support funding would be in place to meet those needs.

Personal relationships are very important to us. To keep continuity all tenants were moved together, along with their support staff and managers. This was great for the tenants and staff, as relationships have already been built, the staff have an in-depth understanding of the needs of each tenant and it has minimised any anxieties people may have had. .

Positive experiences are gained from working together, to ensure a smooth transition each tenant was involved as much as possible with the move; they got to choose their own bedrooms, colours and coordinating curtains. They had the opportunity to visit the new services at least once prior to the move to familiarise themselves with their new home.  They could see the transformation of their individual rooms, reflecting their style and personality. Those with the capacity were fully involved in the tenancy signing. Easy read tenancies were available from the landlord which helped with understanding.

Every tenant had their own individual transition plan developed by CMG which explored visits to be made, equipment needed on moving, room allocation and engagement with external professionals where required, such as occupational therapists.

The move was a success and the new services look great, everyone seems to be settling in well and enjoying their new homes. B and Michael were happy to share their stories. Please see below:

B’s story

B had been living at Walsingham Road for nearly 31 years; she lived there before CMG took over ownership in 1987. B has health issues as well as a learning disability and an anxiety disorder. As you can imagine she was very worried and nervous about the move, she believed that she would be left behind, or that she wasn’t really moving at all. B’s transition has been based on ‘owning’ her own room. Every week leading up to the move, staff would place something in B’s new room, so she could see that it was truly hers.

M’s story

M has autism along with a learning disability.  He moved from Rutland Gardens so hadn’t previously met or lived with the Walsingham residents.  The move was always going to be a bit challenging to get right. However, M transitioned amazingly into his lovely new home. His move was focused on getting to know everyone. He would have weekly tea and cake with the Walsingham residents and join in with any parties they had. Since the move he has settled in well, he sits and chats with others and goes out onto joint trips into the community.

Charlotte Barns on M’s move:

“I watched him yesterday evening giggling with two of our service users together in the lounge and thought how amazing he has been, and the others have just accepted him into the group with no issues. He appears to have a great connection with them all, particularly the males of our house”

Charlotte Barns, Service Manager at Carden Avenue said “. I am extremely proud at how successfully they have transitioned, in my opinion they are much happier to have the space, more independence in terms of their own en-suite bathrooms and to have such a beautiful area to live in – we back on to a forest type area – all you can hear is birds in the back garden!”

22a Carden Avenue family
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