Four great social inclusion audits

25 November 2016

As mentioned in a previous blog, I have started carrying out social inclusion audits when I visit services each week. I’ve done a few now, but I’d like to highlight four of them as they were particularly good: Masons Hill in Bromley, Heathcote in Epsom, The Green in Sutton and Cheam Road in Sutton. I score them on a scale of 0–3 in each of the 10 categories (below) and in each of these four services their scores ranged from 25/30 to 29/30.

10 categories:
Active support
Regular us of community facilities
Independence training
Promoting sport and physical health
Promoting emotional well being
Maintaining contact with family and friends
Sensory stimulation
Use of public transport
Involvement with clubs and societies

0 = No evidence
1 = Limited evidence
2 = Stronger evidence, but patchy
3 = Regular evidence


I saw so many great examples of how this social inclusion is being achieved and the fantastic outcomes that have resulted for service users that we are going to create a best practice book highlighting these examples. This should be available in the New Year.

For now I’d just like to just mention a few of the social inclusion achievements from Heathcote in Epsom. TC has taken on a voluntary job at Head Start which is a homeless shelter in Leatherhead. Here TC not only does the cooking, but is given the responsibility of deciding on the menus each week and buying and serving the food. For someone who is incredibly quiet and shy, this is a fantastic achievement. For 7 years now, Dan has done paid work, 5 days a week, in a club in Epsom as a cleaner. He also has the additional responsibility for unlocking the club and managing the alarm system. Crystal moved to Heathcote from foster parents and now attends an organisation known as KCFC (Kingston Children and Foster Care). Since joining she was asked to put together an article on the Summer BBQ . She was also successfully nominated for an AQA Award and will be presented with her award by the Exec Director on 7th Dec.

(Dan and Crystal have given permission to use their names)

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