Some fantastic news about CMG’s CQC ratings !

23 January 2017   Add comments

Today I received some fantastic news about CMG’s CQC ratings, which I’m very proud to share with you all, especially our staff teams who work in our adult services in England.

Following on from CMG being awarded a 3rd ‘outstanding rating’ from the CQC last week, we did a review of CMG’s CQC ratings and compared them to all of the other major learning disability providers in the sector.

And CMG came out top!  We have achieved a higher percentage of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ ratings than any of the other major learning disability providers in the learning disability sector.  This is a fantastic achievement.  Congratulations to everyone in CMG for making this possible.

This result is made all the more significant, because most other providers group their supported living services under their domiciliary care business.  This means that CQC is only required to inspect the registered office of the domiciliary care business not each of the individual supported living services, so it is possible for 30 odd services, for example, to be grouped under one domiciliary care business. (CQC is required to inspect every individual adult residential service).

In CMG, we register all of our supported living services individually, so each has to get inspected.

We will continue striving to improve still further on these results, but my thanks to all our staff for their amazing contribution to our ongoing success.

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