Helen Woods: Relative Liaison Officer

Meet Helen Woods: Relative Liaison Officer. Helen’s role is unusual in this sector in that she is an additional and dedicated point of contact for families to discuss any concerns they may have, independently of the service. Helen makes it a priority to work with families to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.


If you have a concern but are not able to resolve it through the service that your relative is living in, then Helen will work with you and the relevant staff team to find a solution. We are always glad of feedback from relatives as it helps us to make continuous improvements in our practice and the quality of care we provide.

Helen has a son with Autism. This makes her uniquely empathetic and understanding of the issues involved with having a loved in care. As a relative liaison officer Helen not only feels very passionate about supporting people with learning disabilities, but also supporting their families.

As an example, Helen recently contacted CMG’s Healthcare Facilitator to receive advice in regard to healthy lifestyle options for a young man with autism and a severe learning disability with challenging behaviour.  He was overweight, mainly due to the side effects of his prescription medication, and he also struggled with exercise. Understandably his family were concerned about his health and well-being.  We were able to support this young man to adopt a healthier diet, increase his level of exercise and he was able to participate in the annual CMG Athletics Day. If you would like to contact Helen, please email helen.woods@cmg.co.uk

CMG also has a formal complaints procedure and an independent whistleblowing hotline.