Evidence of what a difference a good and effective manager can make

14 November 2016  1 Comments

I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to a letter I received from the staff team at our Charmandean Road service in Worthing. It is such a great demonstration of how a good and effective manager can make so much difference to the lives of people we support and the morale of our staff teams:

Dear Peter
We would like to begin with a quote from a recent blog: ‘To others aspiring to provide the highest quality care and support’. You mentioned the ten tips of leaders of social care and as outlined we again remind ourselves of the importance and relevance of these:

• To personally answer all complaints from families
• To personally check improvement plans for any required improvements or inadequate services at least once a month
• Do not take peoples word for it; ask to see evidence
• Be on top of the details that matter; such as turnover, sickness, and up to date training in compliance in the service
• And the list goes on

As a staff team we agreed on the points given and believe this is relevant to what makes good leadership in a social care environment.

Our purpose of writing this letter to you is to acknowledge the phenomenal and outstanding work our manager Jennifer Broadway is doing since taking the mantle as our service manager in Charmandean Road. She has delivered quality service, benefiting all service users and staff, and we wish to continue to support her work.

With her open door policy, Jennifer has valued and respected the needs of her service users dignity and treated staff equally. She has built good rapport and relationships with parties partnered with our service such as GP’s, nurses, OT’s, parents and visitors.

As you are aware, in the past Charmandean has struggled with staffing levels and the attrition rate was increasing. Jennifer has recruited several enthusiastic staff members that complement the needs of running the service.

With her pragmatic leadership, Jennifer has built a strong and competent staff team that execute their duties effectively. Jennifer has been very instrumental in ensuring all shifts are covered where necessary working late, early, long days and night shifts on top of her official schedule.

How could we not be inspired? Seeing our manager take the lead when it comes to service users personal care, laundry and cleaning duties.

We can report to you with sincerity, all the compliances set by CQC have all been followed, for example health and safety checks are regular, and recently all of the electrical supply routes have been tested and the carpets have been professionally cleaned.

Jennifer has booked appointments with health professionals for example, health reviews, flu jabs, occupational therapist reviews. She will personally support them to their appointments.

Jennifer volunteers to drive service users to appointments, activities and to visit family. She does not want them to miss out on opportunities due to lack of drivers on shift.

Over the period as house manager, Jennifer has conducted regular staff, service user and parent meetings, staff appraisals and supervisions. She is vigilant in her work and approachable towards her team.

Jennifer will ensure staff are reminded to follow protocols, complete all documentation for example fire checks, water temperature checks, daily diaries and healthy files.

As the environment is vital to our work she has been advocating for the garden to be maintained and the surroundings we work in to be a clean and safe environment.

The staff morale here at Charmandean is boosted and the atmosphere is very welcoming to work in. We are one happy family which can be demonstrated through our participation celebrating birthdays and Christmas.

Any complaints we are to receive are treated as constructive feedback to help us improve the quality of the service we provide.

We are confident that with Jennifer’s leadership without any doubt we will achieve Outstanding in our next CQC rating. We are therefore appealing to you to give Jennifer the support she needs to continue her hard work to make Charmandean the best service in CMG.

Kind regards
Charmandean staff team

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