Encouraging people we support into employment and CMG’s staff survey

22 March 2016  1 Comments

I visited 19 services last week; I was feeling guilty about not hitting my target of 10 in the previous two weeks. It’s great to see evidence of staff teams encouraging people we support to get paid and voluntary jobs. For example, at Hillview in Merstham, Surrey, 4 people we support are in paid or voluntary employment. One person they support does voluntary work with Age Concern and another is doing work experience at our Resource Centre in Sutton. A third person is doing an apprenticeship in a hairdressers and a fourth has a part time job as a groundsman for a cricket club. These are great examples of social inclusion.

As an organisation, we monitor the number of people we support in paid and voluntary employment every month and we are seeing the numbers increasing which is great. We look at the breakdown of every service in CMG and the picture isn’t consistent. Some services are getting lots of people into paid and voluntary employment, whilst others have zero for both. I would urge the managers of these services to look at ways, with their teams, as to how they can get people into meaningful activities which promote social inclusion.

I would like to focus the rest of my blog on the results of our annual staff survey. We have been carrying out staff surveys in CMG every year for over 6 years. I was very pleased that we got the highest response rate ever this year with 825 responses.

Our scores in most areas have improved from last year which is great. Our leadership team will be reviewing the results of the survey in detail and we will also be discussing them with our staff representatives. If you would like to see a copy of the summary of results please contact: sue.pym@cmg.co.uk. Please also do feel free to email me with any thoughts or comments you may have.

As well as the specific questions that are asked, the staff survey also includes a section where people can write whatever comments they like. There were a lot of positive comments about CMG being a great organisation to work for which is lovely, but there were also a lot of comments about pay. I know that pay is a hot topic as it gets raised with me on a regular basis when I am visiting services. Recently a member of staff stood in front of the door of the room I was in and repeated 12 times that staff needed a pay rise (I counted!). I am sure she wasn’t intending to hold me hostage until I agreed to give her some more money. We are chasing our Local Authority commissioners for a decision on inflation increases in the coming financial year, which will help us to know which resources we have available for pay. We will be making a decision on pay rises soon and letting everybody know.

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