Employment for those with the most complex and challenging behaviour and two ‘Weed of the Week’ winners!

17 August 2016   Add comments

I visited 23 services last week and was particularly impressed to hear about the work they do at Stubbington Lane in Hampshire encouraging people they support to be active supporters of local football teams in Southampton. Two people who live there are season ticket holders and regularly sit in the same seats at the football ground. As a result of this, they have got to know other fans and developed friendships with them. One of the people living there also knows a former Southampton footballer who now works for Sky Sport. That person regularly comes over to chat when individuals from Stubbington Lane go to a game.

I was also impressed with the effort the team at Cheam Road in Sutton are making to help the people they support to obtain both paid and voluntary employment. I also continue to be impressed by our subsidiary company, Alderwood, who has every single person they support in paid or voluntary employment. Alderwood is a specialist provider and everybody they support can present severe challenging behaviour and some of those people are amongst the most complex and challenging in the country. This is a real achievement and shows that anyone with a learning disability can be supported to find some form of employment.

There are two ‘Weed of the Week’ winners this week. One is Albion Road in Sutton, but to their credit the team has worked very hard and removed all the weeds that I spotted. The other, rather embarrassingly, is our Head Office, in Leatherhead. One very large weed was spotted in the car park. It has subsequently been removed!

Congratulations to the teams at Tuscany House in Dorking and Victoria House in Woodford, who both received very good inspection reports from the CQC which were rated as ‘Good’ on all 5 areas and ‘Good’ overall.

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