Driving up the road to quality

07 July 2015   Add comments

Last week we held our second Driving Up Quality self assessment day looking at how the organisation is performing in relation to the Driving Up Quality Code. The Code was launched by CMG, the government and other leading care providers in 2013 to ensure the atrocities of Winterbourne View are never repeated again. This Code outlines five standards that ensure high quality learning disability care provision (www.drivingupquality.org.uk).

The day was really successful with over 100 attendees including staff, people we support, relatives and external professionals. In keeping with our event last year, we wanted to gain open and honest feedback in a fun and creative way, so we had a ‘road to quality’. Delegates then split into regional workshop groups and provided feedback via various modes of transport including a tractor, bus and ship (all artwork was created by the people we support with guidance from our Regional Directors).

Sophie Hare, the manager from our Kings Road service also presented, alongside AJ, one of the people she supports, on how her team undertook a Driving Up Quality self assessment in her service and how this contributed to the service recently achieving an outstanding rating from the CQC. Although non-verbal, AJ did a great job of providing information through sign language and diagrams.

The key themes from the feedback we gained from this event will now be incorporated into a comprehensive action plan. We also circulated a report of the actions we had taken from last year’s event and if anyone would like a copy of this report, please contact sue.pym@cmg.co.uk.

We also always ask for evaluation from our events and I’m pleased to say that everyone who completed an evaluation form agreed that the event was ‘useful’, ‘well organised’ and allowed them ‘to give honest feedback in a fun and creative way.’

I am really pleased that we had a commissioner from Newport attend, despite the long drive from Wales to Surrey and I have included his feedback about the event below. It is a little frustrating that more commissioners didn’t attend this event (we do invite them), as I think it would give them a really good insight into the views of those who are connected or concerned with the care of people with learning disabilities, including those with the learning disability themselves.

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As a provider, CMG can never claim to be perfect, but I am really passionate about trying to continually improve our service provision and we can only ever do that by gaining feedback from the people we support and all the stakeholders involved in their care. My thanks to all those who attended.

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