CMG in Bloom!

27 June 2018   Add comments

After a long winter, which seemed to have lasted forever summer has finally arrived! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. What a wonderful time of year!

One of the many things we take great pride in here at CMG, are our gardens! Last week when I visited one of our new services in Reigate, Luke who is a keen gardener and had moved in that very day was out in the garden pulling out weeds. I can’t tell you how happy that made me! Most people within CMG know that I’m a weed fanatic. I will often arrive at a service with a weed I have freshly dug from the ground, shaking it at the manager, “What is this?”. It has become such a thing at CMG that we now do a monthly weeding competition. Anyway, enough about weeds.

When I was recently at the Droveway in Brighton, imagine my glee when I saw the garden had been pruned into a world cup fashion, it is amazing! The four guys who live there are big Brighton fans, and often watch the home games, as they have season tickets. They are equally enjoying the World Cup, especially now with their football pitch garden. You can see some photos at the end of this blog.

There are so many people we support that have made huge efforts in their gardens, including Wayne who lives up in Wales. He has a fantastic vegetable patch with the biggest marrows I’ve even seen. He has had such a successful year of growing he has started his own business, selling his fruit and veg to local people. Impressive!

It’s lovely to see that the local people to one of our services, Little Orchard in the New Forest have been giving up their time to help implement improvements to the garden. They have helped build a raised bed that will enable people in wheelchairs to get actively involved in gardening. This is a product of the Care Home Open day which was held on 21st April. Many of our services opened their doors to the general public to enjoy a day of celebration and festivities.

A few years ago we started CMG in bloom competition. Services enter the competition choosing one of the following categories: most improved garden, best person involvement, or best presented garden. Once all the entries are in, normally during the August weeks our judging panel select a winner from each category. The judging panel consists of staff members and people we support.

With all these keen gardeners maybe next year we’ll enter Chelsea Flower show, dream big!

Summer solstice has now passed and the nights will start to drawing in, so get out into your gardens and make the most of this beautiful weather!

Wayne with his marrow

Flowers ar Willesden Lane

S enjoying the sun in her garden

Football Garden at the Droveway

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