Another great Annual Achievement Award Ceremony for the people we support!

27 April 2017   Add comments

I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to our Annual  Achievement Awards for the people we support, which took place last Friday evening.  I’m always so proud to attend all of CMG’s annual events as I think we do these so well and I know of no other provider that has an events calendar like CMGs.

This Award Ceremony is a particular favourite though as it is such a great celebration of achievements of the people we support.  The awards are treasured by those who receive them and often displayed proudly in an individual’s bedroom. Some services even have a special display cabinet to showcase all the awards they receive.  The awards give individuals a real sense of pride and in many cases increase their confidence to continue their achievements still further.

The Awards evening, which took place at Imber Court Sports and Social Club in East Molesey, starts with a 3 course meal and then we move on to announce the winners in each of the 12 categories.  Staff and family members of the finalists are also invited to attend the ceremony and join in the celebrations.

This year I was particularly struck by the really wide range of achievements that had been made.  I am also told that we had a particularly high number of nominations made in the education and employment categories which I was really pleased to hear as this has been a real focus for CMG.

For example, LM, who has learning difficulties and behavioural issues joined a mainstream college and has exceeded expectation. Now he attends the higher level maths class, joins in literacy, art, drama and dance.  When GC moved to CMG, she couldn’t read or write and was dyslexic. Staff acknowledged her desire to develop her skills and began to include reading and writing sessions in the shift.  As a result, GC’s reading, writing, and math skills have improved tremendously.  ST, who has Autism, does training for CMG and other organisations.  At the end of last year, ST presented to a conference of teaching professionals for 2 days in succession to approximately 350 people. He negotiated, and was paid a commercial rate for a speaker and was a great success.

Many individuals took to the microphone after receiving their awards and thanked CMG, staff at the service they lived in and often their family members for helping them accomplish their achievements.

It really was a great evening and my thanks to all those who attended.  Thanks also to every individual who was nominated for the Awards.  I’m told by the judging panel that there were so many worthy winners, that choosing a top 3 in some of the categories was incredibly difficult.

Here are just a couple of photos from the evening.


Achievement Awards
Achievement Awards for the people we support

Achievement Awards

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