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20 July 2018   Add comments

This week’s blog is about the success of a new incentive that has been started at Alderwood, The Yoga Project. Exercise is a vital part to having a healthy lifestyle, along with eating healthily, getting enough rest and good personal care. Across the board at CMG we encourage and support people to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible and this is a prime example.

Whilst I was visiting Alderwood’s services last week, Anita Smart (Alderwood’s Managing Director) told me about their Yoga Project which was launched last year and how it is flourishing and expanding.

This initiative was started by Anita, as she has been practicing yoga for some time now and she recognised her health and well-being had significantly improved. Once she had the idea to invite people we support to participate, she wondered why she hadn’t thought about it sooner!

Initially Anita only approached a few people to participate, as she didn’t know how they would take to it. Anita introduced D and R to David Cosserat (Local Yoga Teacher), and that was the beginning, the Yoga Project was underway.

The first few sessions were held at the Ecton offices in one of the board rooms. D and R were naturals and managed to master the poses and breathing exercises they were taught. After only a few sessions R was so excited about her new hobby she decided to create her own yoga book so she could practice further in her home environment. With support from David, Linda, Anita and the resources team R created a yoga routine which could be adapted into a book (easy read) for herself and other people to follow. From there onwards interest in the yoga started to thrive. Linda and Anita started to offer yoga sessions to other people they support, most of these people had already had some experience (practising at their own homes) with yoga thanks to R’s visually instructed book.

One person supported at the Rushden service wasn’t able to attend yoga sessions at the Ecton office site due to anxieties, so David brought the sessions to him. David held sessions at this individual’s home. This was such an enlightening experience for L, he completed a six week course with one hour sessions a week.

One of David’s students’ works for Alpro, a European company best known for their organic plant based products. In one of David’s sessions he told her about the success of this new incentive he was part of at Alderwood. She was so interested and wanted to be involved in some way so she contacted Linda and Anita to tell them about some of the community projects her company supports. The company donated funds to help the project grow. The funds went into creating a yoga studio and paid for additional sessions with David.  Now one of the office spaces has been converted into a serene environment to grow the yoga project further.

Almost all of the people supported at Alderwood practice yoga within their own homes following Rebecca’s book and 17 people actively participate. This number is only set to grow.

I would like to congratulate everyone who has made this project such a success, it is an amazing achievement and you all should be very proud.

Please head over to our Facebook page to see what else has been going on at CMG : and see below for photos of Alderwood people in action:

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