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Driving Up Quality

After the shocking abuse of people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View, the government and leading organisations like Care Management Group (CMG) launched the Driving Up Quality Code. The Code sets out five key standards for learning disability care; these include things like, ‘focussing support on the person’ and ‘supporting the individual to lead an ordinary and meaningful life’. By adhering to all aspects of the Code, care providers can help to ensure that the atrocities of Winterbourne View are never repeated.

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Self Assessment

As part of signing up to the Driving Up Quality Code, providers commit to assess their organisation across the 5 key standards.

Since signing up to the Code, CMG has hosted an annual self assessment day attended by families, people we support, staff and external professionals. A report and action plan is then drawn up reviewed accordingly. You can read CMG’s self assessment reports for the last 3 years here.

2014 Report
2015 Report
2016 Report

You can also see videos from the events here.

For more information on the Code visit the driving up quality website


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