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Gender Pay Gap

Summary of Gender pay gap calculations to be submitted to HMRC and published on the company website.

Mean gender pay gap 2.4%
Median gender pay gap 0.0%
Mean Bonus gender pay gap 59.8%
Median Bonus gender pay gap 0.0%
Male Female
Proportion of Male/Female receiving bonus 5.9% 6.8%
Proportion of males/females in each quartile pay band Male Female
Lower Quartile 33.2% 66.8%
Lower Middle Quartile 33.2% 66.8%
Upper Middle Quartile 29.0% 71.0%
Upper Quartile 30.3% 69.7%

Overall these figures demonstrate a strong commitment by CMG to have fair remuneration for all our staff irrespective of their gender. There is no difference in the rate paid to men and women for carrying out the same role. Our senior management team contains a good mixture of men and women. For example, 12 out of 15 Regional Directors are women. We would like to see a greater proportion of both men and women from black and ethnic minority backgrounds in our senior management team but have made some progress in that area.

Whilst there are over twice as many women as men in senior positions in CMG you are slightly more likely proportionately to be a man above support worker level. We have very comprehensive programmes to help our staff develop their careers. We will review these to see what further action we can take in this area.

Peter Kinsey CEO

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