A fantastic evening of celebration and achievements

19 May 2015  1 Comments

This week was all about our Awards ceremony for the people we support. We held this event on Friday evening at Imber Court Sports and Social Club in East Molesey, Surrey and it was attended by 140 people we support, families and staff.

It is definitely CMG at its best and is the reason we all work in social care. A fantastic evening of celebration and achievement, tears of joy and laughter (I’m told even the manager of the venue, who watched the awards being handed out, was choking back the tears).

We have 12 categories and a first, second and third winner in each of the categories.

Best Achievement in Paid Employment

Best Achievement in Voluntary Employment

Best Achievement in Education

Best Achievement in ASDAN

Best Achievement in Sports and Leisure

Best Achievement in Performing Arts

Most Inspirational Individual

Most Inspirational Group

Most Inspiring Positive Risk Taking

Most Inspiring Health Outcomes

Excellence in Advocacy and Rights Promotion

Excellence in promoting Social Inclusion

My thanks to families who have given us such great feedback from the evening, but I would like to share one in particular as I think it sums up the evening perfectly. This is an email I received from Roger Garside, the father of one of our award winners:

“Many thanks for inviting me to the Awards Ceremony. We have all heard the word “inspirational” misused by other organisations, but its use was truly justified on this occasion. To be frank I came with misgivings about sitting through a ceremony that was scheduled to last one and a half hours, but it proved to be not a moment too long. The range of achievements was wonderful, the happiness and unity of spirit would have shamed many other organisations, and the combination of spontaneous delight and noisy eruptions of support was exhilarating.

The whole was a tribute to CMG, and to all who helped the winners of the awards to their achievements. It was the proudest day in Rebecca’s life. I wish every family and carer could experience one of these ceremonies.”

And in the words of our Chairman, Sir William Wells who presented the awards; “last night was a huge success! It was both very rewarding and moving – the achievements were considerable and my respect and thanks goes to both service users and staff alike.”

Here are just a selection of the reasons why people we support won awards:

Best achievement in Sport and leisure – Second place

“MB goes round to elderly care homes and raises awareness of the benefits of exercise, health and religion. He has introduced new activities as well as conducting cooking classes. This is all from the qualifications he gained through CMG’s Tottenham Hotspurs partnership.”  (Home Manager)

Best achievement in promoting social inclusion – First place

“When CJ started going to the Church of Rock he became instantly accepted by other music goers. I started seeing him on Facebook being cool and trendy with non-disabled young people and am blown away by how many non-family friends he has! Just when you think that isn’t inclusive enough, he is now Djing at the venue!”  (Carl’s mum)

Most outstanding individual – First place

“Over the last 4 years, WB has achieved so much. Despite being registered blind, he has a part time job, a voluntary job and is a quality checker. He is a popular figure in the community and when you are having a bad day, spending time with WB completely brightens it up. He constantly amazes me with the things he achieves and his zest for life.” (Home Manager).

Award winner MB Award winner Wilson, his mum and Rachael Dodgson











Congratulations to all those people who won awards, all those who got nominated and our staff who do such a fantastic job on a daily basis helping the people we support achieve their goals.

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