50 Years of Dedication and Care

26 October 2018   Add comments

This week’s blog is dedicated to another one of our extraordinary staff, learning disability nurse and home manager, Ismael Poo. Ismael has worked within the care sector for the last 50 years, which is a fantastic achievement!

In his early 20’s Ismael knew he wanted to work in care, however at this time there was no training in his home country, Mauritius. So he started his search elsewhere in England. He found a hospital that was offering training to become a learning disability nurse. He knew this was his opportunity to make a difference. He was placed at a large hospital in Caterham, Surrey. Were he worked and trained up to be a learning disability nurse.

Ismael started at CMG as a service manager around 18 years ago, he was there at the beginning of the service Green Lane which is a nursing residential service. This is one of the only services at CMG that allocates student nurses amongst the team.

Congratulations Ismael, for your amazing journey and career in the care sector. We are lucky to have you!

This is what Ismael had to say:

“From when I started working in this sector, the people have always been my first priority. I started this career because I wanted to make people’s lives better. Listen to them, support them to make their own decisions and encourage personal development.

The system has changed so much from when I first started. Previously, people were in hospitals without the freedom of choice and independence. I know one lady who used to be on the ward next to me, she is now living at a CMG service and has a lot more control and choice over her life. It is amazing to see her thriving in a home setting.

At Green Lane we have student nurses as part of the team, their presence motivates the staff to learn more and it is good for the residents to get familiar with new people.

When the people I care for are living happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives and when the staff are doing well and loving their work I feel truly appreciated.

It is true what people say ‘CMG value their staff’. CMG are forward thinking and give their staff opportunities to progress further in their careers and offer training to gain new skills. I believe some people take for granted what the care sector has to offer, not only does it give you a career with progression it is a job where you can actually make a difference to people’s lives. What could be better than that? This is why I do the job I do and I’m proud of it”


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