5 Years of Supported Therapies and Changing Places Awareness Day

27 July 2018   Add comments

Last week it was the 5th year of one of the most creative and thoughtful events in the CMG diary, supportive therapies day. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend, however I received some great feedback and managed to get a feel for the day through all of the wonderful photos. This event was created specifically for the people we support with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).

The event was particularly special this year as it fell on the same day as Changing Places Awareness Day. For those of you that don’t know over a quarter of a million people in the UK need Changing Places toilets but there are only just over 1,000 across the UK. The day is to help raise more vital awareness of the life changing difference Changing Places toilets make to people’s lives. Samir from Dyke road Brighton, was kitted out in changing places attire. You can see some photos of him as well as other photos from the day at the end of this blog.

This is another creation of Katie and Erren’s, I’ve said it before they really know how to bring the CMG magic alive. They seem to make their events look so effortless, but we mustn’t forget how much time, preparation and work that goes into organising these events. They’ve once again done a fabulous job, well done!

There were arrange of different activities to take part in throughout the day. Sensory cooking, sensory umbrella making, T-shirt printing, sensory art, smell-o-vision and the sensory stories in the circus tent.

It’s quite clear from the photos that regional directors Lorriane and Amanda had a great time, they were facilitating the T-shirt painting, but seemed to have got more paint on themselves then on the T-shirts. CMG’s very own mascot Henry the horse was spoilt rotten all day, being fed lots of carrots and given lots of cuddles and attention. Henry the horse also, seemed to have been attacked with paint, he had hand prints on his side along with a CMG painted logo.

The day was wrapped up with ‘Pimp my Chair’ which is by far the main event! The amount of work and creativity that each service puts into decorating the chairs is immense. I think the support staff get more nervous about this then the contestants. I’m really sad to have missed this, but thankfully I’ve seen all the photos. There was a Hogwarts express train, football goal, Prince Harry and Princess Megan and even superman. As always there was a bit of rivalry and disappointment as there has to be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. In my eyes they were all winners, but the competition element really brings another level of suspense and excitement.

Once again thank you to Erren and Katie for putting on such a wonderful day and also to all of the Lilliputs staff who make this day possible.

Katie Reid, Healthcare Facilitator

“Pleasing to see so many people attend, and great to see more relatives involved this year too, such a magical day, full of smiles, fun and laughter.”

“Big thanks to all the guys who showcased their ride for the annual ‘Pimp My Chair’ competition. The imagination and creativity that goes into creating the art work year on year is just outstanding!”

Please see below for a selection of my favourite photos from the day and head over to our Facebook page to see the full album by following the link:


Changing places awareness

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