2018 Driving Up Quality

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This week’s blog is dedicated to ‘Driving Up Quality’. Yesterday we had our annual event, which was a great success. I would like to thank everyone who came and participated and also to all of the facilitators who provided informative and engaging workshops. The CMG magic was definitely in full bloom!

For those of you who don’t know, the driving up quality initiative was conceived by the provider sector, of which CMG was a leading partner. This was to make sure that the atrocities and abuse that were discovered at Winterbourne View would never happen again.

The DUQ code was launched in 2013 to set out the following 5 key standards for learning disability care:

  • Support focussed on the person
  • An ordinary and meaningful life
  • Being happy and quality of life
  • Good culture and the organisation
  • Lead and run the organisation well

The day started with my welcome and introduction, followed by presentations from 3 of our services, discussing how they have driven up quality in their services over the last year.

Firstly Sophie talked about the EE (encourage and empower) club. The EE club meet on a weekly basis, for the people we support to network and share ideas. Various events and activities are held throughout the year, and the people we support are recruited to coordinate.

The second presentation was by Charlotte from Carden Avenue, speaking about the Coastal post newsletter. It updates everyone on what’s been happening in those services during the last months. These include new developments, news, local events, activities and personal outcomes.

The third presentation was by Zofia, she presented with some of the people we support from Dyke road Brighton, they spoke about the self assessment they did as a service

After the presentations the group broke off into 3 workshops:

Health & screening

Erren and Katie gave an informative session on screening for breast and testicle cancer, with model breast and testicles to practice looking for lumps. This workshop was enjoyed by all, albeit there were quite a few giggles throughout the sessions.  This was followed on by Sarah and Mark, who did a great session on feelings and emotions, and how to ‘interrupt’ these negative emotions/feelings with different activities and exercises.


This session focussed on STOMP, the health campaign to stop the over-use of psychotropic medication to manage people’s behaviour. The workshop was run by Aine and Michael who reviewed the progress from last year’s DUQ and also looked at how CMG can further reduce the over medication of people with learning disabilities. Workshops discussed side effects of psychotropic medication and looked at alternative ways we can help the people we support and manage their beahviour in a positive way.

Employment and Education

This workshop was broken up into different areas; identification of everyday signs, experimenting with different paints, colours, shapes and textures and employment table focusing on work opportunities, and different ways on how to achieve paid and voluntary jobs.

To wrap up the day services and the people we support wrote pledges for the upcoming year.  Afterwards they had the opportunity to share their pledges with the rest of the group.  Here are some of the topics they chose:

  • Support and reminders to do breast and testicle checks
  • Increase activities and day out trips
  • Further promotion in independence (ASDAN)
  • Decreasing the intake of sugary drinks
  • More encouragement for employment
  • Stress management sessions
  • More medication/health reviews
  • More assistive technology


Watch this space, for more photos and the CMG ‘Driving Up Quality’ 2018 video.

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